Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hut to Hut in the White Mountains

It's Still Winter, yet I am already gearing up for Spring. Got to enjoy some muddy hiking come March 21st! I just went to go buy a new map called Hut to Hut on the Appalachian Trail. It shows Lonesome Lake, Greenleaf, Galehead, Zealand Falls, Highland Center, Mizpah Spring, Lake of the Clouds, Madison Spring, Pinkham Notch and Carter Notch. Out of all these Huts I have been to seven of these Huts. I hope to visit the others this summer so I can have all of them to my list. I have never stayed at any of the huts, though I hope to also change that this summer as well. Here are a few Huts that I have visited:

The Greenleaf Hut in Franconia Notch
Lonesome Lake Hut in Franconia Notch
Madison Spring in the Presidential Range

Lake of the Clouds Hut near Mt. Washington

Have you been to any of the Huts on the Appalachian Trail?
Which one is your favorite to visit or stay at? 

Happy Hiking!

1 comment:

  1. We've stayed at 8 of the 10 (all but Lonesome Lake and Carter) and have loved them all. Two traverses - a north to south Presidential and a Franconia to Crawford Notch with 3 high huts each - were the best times we've ever had in the Whites. It's hard to choose a favorite - they each have such a unique character and charm. My suggestion is to stay at them all and decide for yourself. We look forward to getting back to them all.


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