Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trail Report: Falling Waters Trail

This past Saturday, my stepson, dog Stitch and I decided it would be fun to explore more of Franconia Notch. the snow in thick and the trails are packed down this time of year. We parked at the Lafayette Place and started our hike up the trail. It's .2 miles to the bridge where the trail splits in to ways. My stepson loves waterfalls, so we decided to take the Falling Waters Trail.
Now, I don't hike that much in winter, but I was so happy that I hiked on Saturday. It as lightly snowing and the temp was about 30 degrees. I never felt cold and I loved seeing the snow fall. It was so beautiful. The trail was so well packed and easy to follow. We hiked up to Cloudland Falls. Sadly, I forgot my camera and my cellphone batteries were dying on me. I got a picture though of Stairs Falls though. I have to say that out of all three falls, I am happy I got a picture of this waterfall, or I loved how the ice formed a circle (like a bubble) around the fall. The hike itself was about two and half hours. 1.4 miles one way to see all three Falls. Right now though you can't really see Swiftwater Falls for it's hiding under the ice and snow. Both Stairs and Cloudland Falls you can see. Here is a pic of Stairs Falls:

 Picture taken from the trail

I got closer to take this picture. I love how the ice formed around the Falls.

If you are interested in doing so hiking this winter, I would say start over at
Franconia Notch. The trails are packed down and the parking is clear.
Thanks for stopping by! Happy Hiking:)

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