Friday, February 3, 2012

Franconia Notch Mountains in Winter

I love taking adventures in Franconia Notch. This is such a great place to explore in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. As my stepson and I ended one of our adventures through some trails in the Notch, we took a few pictures of the mountains on our way up the highway. Here are a few of the mountains saw along the way:
Cannon Mountain

Eagle Cliff/ Eagle Pass

 When you see this Cliff, many say it looks like a dog laying down.
There is a trail off of Ex 34B which I hope to do this summer

One of My Favorites: Mt Lincoln

Happy Hiking this Winter
...soon muddy Spring hiking will be here!:)


  1. I love hearing about your hiking adventures in the White Mountains .... Keep up the awesome blogging and the pictures. Happy Hiking !

  2. Thanks! I hope to be hiking very soon again...I love the White Mountains, all the seasons!:)

  3. Very nice blog. FWIW "Your Favorite" Franconia Notch mountain is actually Mt. Lincoln. At least thats what you have a picture of there.

    1. HA, your right! I put up the wrong pic I meant to put the one of Mt. Lafaytte! O well...Mt. Lincoln looks good in snow too!:)


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