Friday, June 29, 2012

Trail Report: Mt. Webster / Mt. Jackson

I had headed over to Crawford Notch and hiked Mt. Webster and Mt. Jackson. We parked near the Gateway of the North and headed up the trail Webester-Jackson Trail. It was not that muddy at all and an enjoyable hike. We also had great weather. We stopped at Bugle Cliff to take a few pictures and then headed up the trail to the intersection where we then continued on Webester Branch. It took 1.4 miles to get to the Branch. After it was another 1.0 mile over to Mt. Webster.
Here are a few pictures we took along the way:

View from Bugle Cliff

Signs at the intersection between Mts.

Waterfall above Silver Cascades

Mt. Webster had some beautiful views. We stayed for awhile to eat our lunch and take pictures. Mt. Webster is 3910 ft high. I loved the view of Mt. Washington! Here are a few pictures of the views:

The first view we came upon when coming to the top of Mt. Webster
The view of Mt. Washington over the trees! What a beautiful clear day!
 After this we headed up to Mt. Jackson which was up the Webster Cliff Trail, another 1.3 miles. The trail was rocky in some parts but not bad to hike up. You are in the open a lot so you will be hot and the sun will be beating on you! We had lots of water and tried to find shade at times to stop and break. Mt. Jackson is 4052 ft and had some more lovely views! I had hiked it back in 2005 so I was excited to be back on top looking around again.
Here are a few pictures:

You can see Mt. Washington Hotel and Valley

The views were so beautiful and I could have stayed up there forever!
After enjoying the views and taking pictures we headed down the Jackson Branch (1.2 miles) which will connect back to the Webster-Jackson Trail. It was great for you get to hike two mountains and connect back to the same trail for you make a triangle. The hike all toegther is about 5.5 hours and 6.3miles! Great day hike! HAPPY HIKING!


  1. Hi Ariel,

    I love your photo from the top of Jackson. Can I use it on the AMC NH Chapter website? It would make a great photo for this months views-to-amuse geo quiz (see

    No problem if you would rather not.

    1. Hi Kimball,
      If you would like to use the photo, that is fine:) Glad you love it! Happy Hiking!


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