Monday, July 9, 2012

Trail Report: Cannon Mt, Kinsman Ridge Trail

Want to see views from the top of Cannon Mt. in Franconia Notch but don't want to take them tram? You can always hike the trail near by called Kinsman Ridge Trail which is a 2.0 miles to the top of the mountain. The trail starts at the Base Parking, you walk down a small construction road until you see a sign. The trail is not a rocky trail at first. It is mostly made of crushed small rocks, dirt, which can make the trail slippery on the way down. I fell once sliding, my stepson thought it was a fun ride! You hike past the slippery part to a more rocky area which then you can see the Echo Lake. The view is beautiful. Here are a few pictures of the start of the hike:

The starting sign for the trail

The trail on the way up, gravel rocks

The view of Echo Lake
Once you are about a little over half way to the top of Cannon Mt. there is a OUTLOOK, which you will see a sign for. There are some beautiful views. You are near cliffs so be safe when walking along them. I really enjoyed walking around and taking pictures. I am a bit of a daredevil so I did get as close as I could to any edge for pictures which made my party nervous for me. 
Here are some pictures taken on the Outlook:

The view at the Outllook

The view was so breathtaking that it was hard to leave!

Looking down at Highway 93 curving through the Notch!
Where I was standing at the Outlook to where my stepson and husband were, I was the closest to the edge
We continued up to the Lookout Tower after on Cannon Mt. There you will mix with travelers and people who came up on the tram. It gets a little crowded. You will also get some great views up there and see other views. I will say that it was a wonderful hike. My stepson gave it a 6 out of ten. He left it was a steep hike from the start for him. He wasn't into it as much as other hikes. He did enjoy the trail between the Outlook and the Rim Trail on top. You are out in the open more and you can see views along the way. The hike all together was 4.0 miles. It took about four and half hours for us to do and enjoy the views. Cannon Mt. was also a 4000 footer, being 4077'
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and HAPPY HIKING!

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  1. Great Trip Report! I love the views from N Kinsman!


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