Sunday, November 6, 2011

Five White Mountain Pictures and Views

I enjoy hiking and taking pictures along the way. Here are a few of some pictures that I haven't shared yet, that I took this summer along some of my adventures through the White Mountains. Enjoy these wonderful views and pictures that I snapped:)

 I took this beautiful picture when I hiked the Airline at the beginning
of the summer. I just loved the way the valley was behind these rocks/boulders.

This picture was taken at Mt. Madison. I was looking over and saw the valley below.
I thought it was a nice shot!
 This was taken on top of Mt. Willard  of the Willey Range at Crawford Notch.

The lake here is Lonesome lake and I just loved the view from
this side of the lake. 

This is Mt. Washington. I have to say that every time I go by this mountain, no
matter which side of it I am on, I have to take a picture of it!
This side is when traveling through Crawford Notch:)

Happy Hiking!

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