Monday, September 3, 2012

Trip Report: Hiking up to Mt. Pierce and Mizpah Spring Hut

Mt. Pierce is located in the Presidential Range but you can hike it by parking near AMC Highland Center in Crawford Notch. There is parking across the street which will cost $3.00 per day. It's a moderate hike. Took us about five hours to hike the loop which was around 6.2 miles. It was a wonderful day hike.
Crawford Path is the oldest continuously used hiking trail in America

Gibbs Falls
We started on the Connection trail which is .5 miles over to the Crawford Path. We hiked up to Gibbs Falls which was beautiful. Great place to take a small break. Then after we continued up (1.7 miles) to the junction to Mizpah Cut-off. We wanted to see the Mizpah Spring Hut first so we hiked over which was .7 miles. When we got to the hut it was getting foggy. We could tell that rain was about to fall so we went into for a lunch break. Great hut, very clean and well thought out. I loved sitting by the windows while relaxing with a sandwich.
Mizpah Spring Hut

...entering Alpine Zone when approaching Mt. Pierce
 It was getting a little windy but didn't rain. They have a place where you can check for weather and it read 40% chance so we decided to hike up to Mt. Pierce. We started on the Webster Cliff Trail .9 miles up to the mountain. As soon as we were about .5 miles up it started to rain. The rain didn't last and we continued up until we reached Mt. Pierce. I am sure the view would have been amazing if it was a clear day, but it was very foggy when we reached the top. We did get to see a view mountains through the think clouds that rolled by.
View from top of Mt. Pierce on a cloudy day

View of the valley below where you can see Mt. Washington Hotel through the fog
 After we hiked down Crawford Notch path 3.1 miles back to the connection trail. Even though we didn't get much of a view, it was a great hike and I hope to hike it again next year.
Also Mt.Pierce is a 4000 footer, 4312' 

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