Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trail Report: Madison Hut and Mt. Madison

One of my favorite hikes is Mt. Madison. Back in 2005 I did this hike for the first time and then I have done it three more times since. It's a beautiful hike but is not easy. This is more of a moderate hike but the views will be worth the journey up the mountain. When you start this hike, its best to start at the parking on Route 2 near Randolph Hill. During the summer the parking fills up fast so get there early. Some people enjoy taking the Valley Way Trail up to Madison Spring Hut, but I prefer Airline Trail. It's easy at first but the trail gets steeper as you hike up. When you reach the sign that lets you know you have reached the Alpine Zone.
The Alpine Zone Sign

Hiking on the Airline Trail in the Alpine Zone

 Once you are hiking in the Apline Zone, you are above tree level. Here you will follow rock piles until you reach Madison Spring Hut. I love being above tree line for you get to see views all the way around you. Once you are over at Madison Spring Hut, you can go inside for restrooms and for resting. I enjoy a snack or even just have lunch inside at one of the benches. There is also a lake called Star lake down the trail for viewing.
Mt. Washington from Mt. Madison (sometimes you can see the cars driving up_

The marker on Mt. Madison

After a rest, hike up to the top of Mt. Madison, it is rocky, climbing over boulders at times but it will be well worth it! The views are amazing! I love seeing Berlin, Jefferson, Mt. Washington, top of Mt. Wildcat and more all around me. The hike will take about six to seven hours. After hiking back down Mt. Madison and back to the hut, I normally take Valley Way back down to the parking lot. It's not as rocky and hard on your legs. The hike it worth going up and if you want to see views...then this is the hike for you! Mt. Madison is 5366'
Madison Spring Hut

Inside Madison Spring Hut (have benches, bathroom and sleeping rooms)
Happy Hiking:)


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