Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great Time to Hike in the White Mountains ... Autumn has arrived!

 I love hiking in the White Mountain and the best time of year is autumn! The colors are amazing on the trees and when hiking you will see patches of red, orange and yellow trees in the distance! I traveled through Crawford Notch over the week and saw such beautiful colors, so I drove down to Franconia notch with my mom and my dog Stitch to see the colors of fall in the White Mountains. We hiked the 1/2 mile loop and here are some pics I took along the way,

Cannon Mt

View from Bald Mountain

Stitch enjoying the view from Bald Mountain

(Only until the 28th! Help him win!) Dont forget 2 cast a vote 4 Stitch the Hiking Dog! He just loves 2 hike the White Mountains..He's smiles all the way!
Stitch and I on Bald Mountain

View from Artist Bluff
Autumn has arrived but it won't stay long so get to the White Mountains and enjoy the colors! Happy Hiking!!


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  2. It is so good to hear positive news about your partner, I hope it remains so.

    Where to begin.....fall has arrived, leaves are changing colour and quite a few have already fallen. I commented to himself yesterday on the beautiful sweet smell coming from the earth this time of year. We've had wonderful weather this past week or so. Some days it's been like the height of summer with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. I'm trying to get most of the perennials cut back which will save me some work in the spring. It's such a big job with wheelbarrows being filled and back breaking from bending over. I figure that you have to love gardening to put yourself through this. I've also had to move a pile of Lavender, Sage and Hyssop to better prepared areas. I've been mixing seaweed, leaves and soil with a bit of wood ash thrown in to use in the spring. I've emptied most of the pots so will soon have to put them away for the winter along with storing the garden ornaments.

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