Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A hike to Ethan's Pond in Crawford Notch...almost

Headed up to Ethan's Pond last weekend. Was excited to see the campsite, the pond and the view of the mountains around the area. I never got there...the hike was going to be 2.6 miles up and then back the same way on Ethan's Pond Trail. The hike started on route 302, the parking is .3 up the road. You can also see Ripley Falls on a side trail which is .5 miles off the main trail. As you head up 1.3 miles you can go off the  trail .3 miles to see Kedron Flume which has a beautiful view through the trees. I stayed on the trail until I was almost .2 miles from the site. The trails was mostly a small river with snow patches. Couldn't hike through the water so turned around. I plan on trying this trail again in the summer. Because of the snow I hiked for five hours...I recommend waiting until summer to hike this trail unless you love tough obstacle courses.

This is where I was defended and turned back. I went through the snow and into the water.

After 1.6 miles it was mostly snow, but your feet would sink due to the sun melting it under your feet!

View at Kedron Flume

Ripley Falls

Until next time...Happy Hiking!

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