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Minders Of The Mountains - A Story Based in the White Mountains

The Soft Cover Book
  "Six million people, each year, travel to New Hampshire to visit the White Mountains. Six million people spend their vacations traveling up to Mt. Washington, either by foot, cog or car. Six million is a lot of people, and not one of them knows the true story of this beautiful area or have ever ran into a protector of the Mountain. This story of a girl, Sara, who's name was written on the rocks in the mountains that would make her a legend. The one who is to save Mt Washington from dark evils that live in the White Mountains with other protectors. Of course those of us as humans know them as 'Trail Angels' but they have a larger propose... To save this world from Kione, an evil creature that has dark plans for this world, and to use Mt. Washington's energy to destroy human kind. So, six million people visit the White Mountains and not one knows what really is going on around them... until now."

Since I was a child I have wanted to write a story that I could be proud to share with the world. I have always written ideas and thoughts down, short stories and then one day an idea hit me. It was over five years ago, I took my first summer off from working and decided to explore of trails in the White Mountains with a friend. I would see plaques on the trails, visited the huts and then decided to read a few books about some of the stories that had happened in the White Mountains. This of course, sparked my interest and my ideas started to flow....what if some of these stories were connected?
Kindle Version
What if there was one big story and people didn't know it?
      I started to share some of my ideas with my hiking friend and then my family. I felt like I had a good idea and come up with a few characters for the story. The main being Sara, a hiker, loves taking on adventures, driven person and how she has to pick a path in life. Her wonderful parents, George and Cici, are a proud father and a very worried mom... but both loving and kind. Then came her Minder friends...Rose, Joey and Thomas. They are a group of Guardians, who are given special crystals that hold great power. Their main mission is to protect Mt. Washington from the Lackens that are controlled by Kione... an evil man who wants to control the Powers Mt. Washinton has on the weather system that could create weather distracts which could hurt ManKind, or even destroy it! Sara finds out by the Minders that she is a Legend in the Mountains, her name being written on the rocks above, that she is the one that holds the greater power in defeating Kione. But the Mountain is still giving her a choice....does she want to take the path, or continue her own ideas of what she wanted to do after college. Is all up to her?
     This idea was so exciting for me to embark on, and I couldn't stop writing. I just wrote and wrote. Five years in the making! After 250 pages, I noticed I had a story I wanted to share. Now, given that English is not my best subject, I asked my husband and stepson to read and edit this book. I had looked into editing by a person outside, but coming up with a few thousand couldn't be done.  So editing took longer, but my stepson mainly pulled through and told me he enjoyed the characters and ideas. He even started drawing out a few of them on how he thought they looked in real life. This gave me hope.
    As my stepson would say, Its an Adventure/Action book. Takes you places all over the White Mountains and towns that reach around it. You will fall in love with the characters and next time you find yourself hiking  in the White Mountains will be hoping Minders are around protecting...and that you don't run into a Lacken!!!

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