Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hiking up Mt. Washington (forth time around) New: Taking Jewel Trail down

This is a view from up above on Mt Washington, you can see the cars coming up the Auto Road. It was a beautiful day for a hike.

Started up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail to the the AMC Lake of the Clouds Hut. The trail was great to hike (as the last three times) It was my friends first time up to the top of Mt Washington so we started early (8:30am). I wanted to show her some of the locations my characters travel and live at, in my new book Minders of the Mountain such as the Gem Pool (where they get their crystals for power) and small trail to the cascades (where they live in caves). She loved it. The views were amazing since there was very little clouds at the time, and the weather was 80 degrees at the bottom and about 65 at the hut.
Us on the Ammonoosuc Trail
We made it to the Hut a little before 11:30am since we really enjoyed stopping to see views on the way up and then hiked the Crawford Path to the top. There was NO clouds at the time. Sun was strong and we grew tired. Since it was such a hot, nice Saturday, many were traveling the trails.
It was about 1:00pm when we reached the top, at that point I was tired and wishing I had put on more sun block. The soups at the top are amazing, I (of course) had the clam chowder with crackers. We walked around, visited the gift shop, took a few pics of the view, by now we were wearing light jackets. It was about 50 degrees at the top.
After visiting the top, we decided to take Jewel Trail back down, which I had never taken before. I loved hiking by the cog as it came down the tracks. I enjoyed seeing the Great Gulf on the Gulfside trail heading toward Jewel trail. Here are a few pictures on the way down...

Great Gulf

The cog in its way down

hiking over the tracks

 We made it down by 6:30pm to our cars. We were ready to go home and relax. I was glad I brought my flip flops for the drive home. The hike was 9.5 miles round trip. My legs were feeling sore for at least three days but it was worth it. The views were amazing!

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