Friday, November 18, 2011

My Top Five Hikes I want to do this Winter

I have found a hiking buddy for the Winter!
Very excited about doing some snowshoeing and regular hiking
up a few great White Mountains!
But which ones, I would love to hike them all but Winter
goes by just as fast as Summer.
So, I started to read some of my great books on hiking
and check out my maps.
I asked some other great hikers online and 
these are my top five picks that I would 
like to do this year.

1. Mt Lafayette:
I know this is a large mountain, 
but the hike up is very steady and
would be great for snowshoeing up to the hut.
Hope to do this on a nice winter day, when the
weather is fair and temp is about 32 degrees.
In Franconia Notch

2. Mt. Willard:
It is not a large Mt. so I could take my
stepson as well. Plus we could use snowshoes
to get to the top. I heard the view is so wonderful
with snow in the valley. 
Crawford Notch
3. Tuckerman Ravine:
I have done this one before in the Winter and
it's a great hike up. There are also skiers and
snowboards on the trail as well for the trill
of this place! Fun to watch, when
you get closer to the top.
Pinkham Notch

4. Glen Boulder:
My mom has always wanted to
take me to it, so I think
I will hike it this winter.
Pinkham Notch

5. Mt. Chocorua
Everyone has talked about this mountain
and yet I have not hiked it yet. It's not a 4000footer
but it seems like a great winter hike.
Kancamagus Highway

These were other great winter hikes that were written to me by hikers:

"My one and only snow hike was Crawford path to Mizpah Cutoff to the hut. 
It was gorgeous and for a snow hiking beginner not too difficult. 
Grey Jays eating out of our hands - a highlight! A true winter wonderland!"
 "Pierce is a great 1st Winter 4K - protected in the trees until just before the summit 
and a reward of awesome views. But any of the NH48 can be great on any given day 
depending on the weather and conditions."
 "I think Mt Garfield has one of the best winter views."
  "Mount Liberty is a personal favorite. 
Or come stop by the Harvard Cabin for a warm drink and a snack."
" ...spend a night at Zealand Hut and many 4k's are within reach."

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