Monday, December 26, 2011

Crawford Notch Hiking Part 2

Heading up to Bugle Cliff after Elephant head. We went another .6 miles up the main trail called Webster/Jackson Trail and came across a sign that had a little arrow, with a saying on the side about a Cliff View. I knew this had to be Bugle Cliff so we went up the side to check it out. It was so worth the hike up! Amazing Views and so beautiful in the winter months:
This is the sign to Bugle Cliff

Can see the Route302 and mountains

This was such a wonderful view of the mountains

Look in the back and you can see the Washington Hotel with mountains
This hike all together was about 2 miles all together to see both Elephant Head and Bugle Cliff. It was a great winter hike and would recommend it:) Also great for children and dogs as well!


  1. Hi Ariel,
    I love your posts!

    Can you start using a label to identify which posts are trip reports? I want to pick up just your trip reports, and not you other posts. Thanks!

    1. I can try, you mean just put it in the title or in the label part, I mostly have trail reports in the spring/summer/fall ...winter is when I normally put up a few other posts. I will try to just the trips for you:) happy hiking!


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