Friday, October 19, 2012

Three of my favorite trails in the White Mountains

I love hiking. When I get the chance, I'll hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Every year, when I hike, I find that there are some trails I enjoy hiking more than others. I have seen the views and look forward to seeing them again. I few trails in the White Mountains I have to visit all the time, each year, to get what I call "My fix". When I see the views, I almost go into a calming state and can just stare for hours without moving. Some of the views on these trails, make me feel like I am in some sort of Lord of the Rings Movie, I can see beautiful mountains that stretch on for miles. These three trails seem to always give me a feeling of leaving this world and being place in another. If you would like to trail on these trails, here they are:

1. The Air Line Trail: the journey up this trail is always exciting for me. It starts on Route 16, you can see a huge parking lot on one side that is normally full of cars. There are other trails that start at the same spot, but I always go up Air Line. I first hiked the trail back in 2004 and since then has visited it again over the years. I love when I get to the sign for the Alpine Zone. My heart starts beating faster because I know how amazing the views are up there. The trail rings around to the Mt. Madison Spring Hut and I seem to just take my time, I enjoy each step and stop to see all the views. this was the first time I felt like I was in Narnia or the Rings Movie. I was exploring a new world and meeting wonderful people along my way. Start of the Air Line trail to the Air Line Cutoff is 3.5 miles. It's worth the hike!
One of the first views you see when hiking up the trail

The mountain range

2. Another of my favorite trail to hike on is the Crawford Path. It doesn't seem to almost matter where on the Path I am, I just can't stop staring at the views. I really live the Path when I get close to Mt. Washington. You are so high up and you can see views from almost all sides. When I get closer to the top of Mt. Washington, I find myself turning around and taking pictures. My friends who hike with me say that it drives them crazy, for I am always stopping to see the views, but I can't help it! I am always in some sort of trance. So, as you are hiking from the Lake of the Clouds to the top of Mt. Washington, take a good look around, stop and breath in that wonderful mountain air, and enjoy the sights around you. I have to say, that is my most favorite part of the trail, which is 1.4 miles long.

On the Crawford path, looking back and seeing the lakes, mountains and hut.
3. I love hiking in Franconia Notch area. I have hiked just about all the mountains, but I got excited when my friend ask me last year to hike the Franconia Ridge. From Mt .Lafayette to Little Haystack we hiked the Franconia Ridge Trail which is 1.6 miles long. We had to make so many stops along the way for I needed pictures. My camera never seen so much use. Both sides the trail had great views but I loved the side that had no Parkway (highway 93). I loved the side where you could see the mountains stretch on for miles and miles.  If you ever have the chance to hike on this Ridge, it's worth all the views!
The view of the Parkway Valley

A view of the Ridge Trail and the mountains in the background
Now, I have many other wonderful trails that I love to hike and enjoy the views, these just happen to be my favorite so far. My adventures in the White Mountains are endless and every time I hike up, its a new experience. What are some of your favorite trails?

Happy Hiking!

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