Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crawford Notch in Snow

This past week, I went through Crawford Notch to do some holiday shopping, along the way, I had to take some pictures to share with everyone all the snow here in the White Mountains. Plus it was a warm day, and many hikers where out on foot, in their winter gear, hiking up the mountains. I even seem a family, with small children ready to hike up Mt. Willard. It was a joy, I wanted to stop and hike myself, but I had some shopping to get down. Hoping to start my winter hiking next weekend.
Here are a few pictures I took along on journey though the Notch:

 I am looking forward to getting some time to
hike around this part, so beautiful:) 
Mt. Washington

 Elephant Head, Bugle Cliff and Mt. Webster
 Hiking? Great place to stop : AMC Highland Center
Saco Lake
Many trails start around here,
great place to do some hiking this winter!

Happy Hiking:)

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