Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trail Report: Bridal Veil Falls - Coppermine Trail

When hiking up to Bridal Veil Falls, you need to park at the beginning of Coppermine Rd as seem in this picture. There are many signs after saying you can't park for it's a private road.
This is the sign where you need to park. 
You will hike up the road where .4 miles to the start of Coppermine Trail which is 2.1 miles. The Trail is very open and easy to hike up. The interesting part of the trail is where the trail meets the brook. If you walk up the brook about .25 miles, you will see a plaque on a boulder. 

This is where the plaque is located

The plaque itself, up close
It is said that the plaque was put on the boulder by Betty Davis. She had meet Arthur on the trail when she was lost. They feel in love and married. Years later after he mysterious death, where Betty was put on trail for,  a plaque showed up on the boulder. They say if you get lost in these woods, you might find yourself being found by "the keeper of stray ladies".

There is a shelter at the top near the falls for those that stay the night and want to be out of the wind. There is also a fire pit near the shelter as well.

Hanging out with my wonderful dog Stitch at the Falls

This is the Bridal Veil Falls

 You can hike to the very top where you can see the Falls and the pool it leads into, then it falls the rest of the way down the to the shelter below. My husband and stepson hiked to the top of the falls while I stayed near the middle with Stitch. It seemed with it being spring the water was higher and moving faster, and I felt the dog would be safer below. Also there was a family with small children who didn't go to the top. It wasn't safe.

My stepson at the top of the Falls

It was a great hike overall. The hike itself was 5 miles and was an easy hike. If you are around the Franconia area and want to see the lovely Bridal Veils Falls, then travel down Route 116 to Coppermine Rd.
 Happy Hiking!

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