Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trail Report: Ripley Falls - Crawford Notch

This trail report leaves off of my last blog on Monday with the Frankenstein Cliffs, we headed down the path to the a sign that was on The Arethusa Ripley Falls Trail and we had two ways to go...Arethusa Falls or Ripley Falls. I had seen Arethusa Falls last year so I wanted to head to Ripley Falls. From the sign it was 1.2 miles over to Ripley Falls. The trail was mostly flat, about .7 miles of the way ,but then it was a descend to get to Ripley Falls. Now Ripley Falls is the second largest waterfall in NH (approx. 100 ft). The fall was beautiful and worth the hike over to see it.
Here are my pictures of the Falls:

The sign to help you decide which way to hike

The top of Ripley Falls when coming down the trail

Ripley Falls from below near the pool
After the falls you can go back up the trail over to Arethusa Falls, and that will be 2.3 miles over, or you can take the Ripley Falls Trail and head over to Route 302 and walk the road. We decided to walk the road back to our car, which was 2.5 miles. Over all great hike!

The tracks you cross when going to the parking lot
Enjoy your hike in the White Mountains...Happy hiking!:)

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