Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trail Report : Davis Path up to Mt. Crawford

I have always wanted to hike up Mt. Crawford. The hiking trail to take is Davis Path and you can reach the trail outside of Crawford Notch on route 302 heading to Bartlett. There is parking next to Saco River and you will walk down a dirt road until you reach the Bemis Suspension Bridge. There are homes on the other side of the bridge. You will walk on the path past them until you get to a sign that states that you are in the Presidential Range - Dry River Wilderness. If you are hoping to take shelter at the Resolution Shelter, you will be out of luck for it's closed. At least  it is for now, there is a sign at the beginning stating this.

The sign on the trail
There is also a sign that talks about the Davis Path. It was Nathaniel Davis who constructed the trail to Mt. Washington back in 1844. The trail itself is 14.4 miles to the top of Mt. Washington and pass many amazing mountains and views on your way up. We went as far as Mt. Crawford which is the first mountain you would come across on the path. It is 2.5 miles up Davis Path and has some amazing views. Plus there are a few view pints along the way up to that mountain which is 3119'.
Here are a few pictures I took as I hiked up to Mt. Crawford:

Mt. Wildcat in the distance

you can see the Notchland Inn and Valley
When you get closer to Mt. Crawford you will be following markers on the boulders. I found some of the markers tricky and we did go off the path once. It took us a little time I back track so follow the markers closely. They are white and blue lines the rocks, and some are faded.

The sign to look for...

A beautiful view from on top of Mt. Crawford

A great view

Another lovely view
The hike took us about three and half hours to do and I enjoyed every bit of it. I hope to next time get to hike over to Mt. Resolution and Stairs Mt.

Happy Hiking:)


  1. Nice post, thanjs. FYI the ski area is Attitas, not Wildcat

  2. Nice post, thanjs. FYI the ski area is Attitas, not Wildcat


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