Monday, May 14, 2012

Trail Report: Frankenstien Cliffs - Crawford Notch

Yesterday was Mother's Day and so I decided that for the day, I wanted to hike up Frankenstein Cliffs. I have always been very curious about the cliffs and why they were called Frankenstein Cliffs in the first place. It was named after an artist. There is a sign below in the valley that is on the Frankenstein Trestle. I have been to the parking area before for it's the same place you would park if you were hiking up to see the Arethusa Falls. This time we took the trail to the left instead of the trail up the road to the right.
This trail is .6 miles over to the Frankenstein Trestle. You cross under the tracks and then hike up the cliffs. The trail to the over cliffs is .7 miles and in some parts very steep. The cliffs you are hiking near are beautiful and very high. Once you hike up a ways you get to relax at the lower cliffs. There are some beautiful views of the Crawford Notch valley and mountains. The awesome part is that you can see the top of Arethusa Falls from the lower cliffs.
Then we headed up the trail to the Falcon Cliffs, but it was another .7 miles in and we decided to pass by the trail. If you do take that trail, it is said that you will have a great view of Mt. Washington. We headed to the top pf Frankenstein Cliffs where we were to see Mt. Washington and you can see it if you stand on a rock a little ways from the sign. I was a bit disappointed because the trees are grown so you can't see the view anymore. That trail was .8 miles and the elevation was 2531'.
Here are some pictures of the views and signs on the trail.
 The sign to follow to the Cliffs

 Frankenstein Trestle

 On the Tracks

The Cliffs when hiking up

 The view from lower cliffs

 The sign on top of Frankenstein Cliffs with no view

Next post will be Ripley Falls
Happy Hiking

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